8th Aug 2012

Council backs new environmental crime fines


High Peak Borough Council’s executive have given their backing to zero tolerance measures of fly posting and littering as well as backing new action against the problem of dog fouling.

Those who are caught dropping litter or fly posting will face on the spot fines of £50. Those between the ages 11 and 16 who drops litter is likely to be expected to take part in a community litter pick up or educational activity rather than face a fine.

Fly posting rules will make it an offence to display a sign, banner, placard, notice or leaflet anywhere it can be seen from a road, pavement or public place. The council says it will carry out a period of education and publicity regarding the rules so they are fully understood before they are introduced.

Other new rules will mean that anyone not picking up after their dog will risk being fined £80.

The new proposals on dogs will make it an offence to:

1.  Not pick up your dogs waste on publicly accessible land.

2.  Allow your dog onto any child’s play area, games area, tennis court, bowling green or skate park that is council owned.

3.  Refuse to put your dog on a lead when asked to do so by a council officer.

Anyone not complying with the rules will risk a £1,000 fine in later convicted by a magistrate.

Anthony McKeown, executive councillor for community services explained why the new rules were to be introduced:

“Fly posting and littering are illegal and unsightly. The materials are expensive to remove and have a negative impact on the local economy and people’s perceptions of where they live.

“Dog faeces can be extremely damaging to health, especially for children, which is why we’ve worked with local campaigners across the borough, including the Clean Up Glossop group, to tackle this problem. This new order updates and clarifies how we can tackle this ongoing problem.

The council has also said it is considering creating an order for dogs to be kept on leads in certain areas of Manor Park, Howard Park and any High Peak cemetery. It has been stressed that no decision will be made on this until it has been discussed by the community select committee.

They are also asking the public to get in touch with their views on the new litter, fly posting and dog rules so they can make any necessary adaptations before they come into force in the autumn.




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Written by adam