18th Jun 2012

£30 fines for pavement cyclists

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Cyclists in Glossop are being reminded to make sure they are riding responsibly after residents concerns about safety.
It is after a cyclist collided with a 48 year old man who was walking along High Street West. The man, who was from Droylsden, suffered minor injuries and did not request medical treatment.
Officers have also received other calls about the issue of both adults and young people riding along the pavement on High Street West, with concerns about safety risks for pedestrians.
PC Lisa Driver of the Glossop Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team said: “In this incident police traced the rider, a 15 year old boy from Hollingworth, and spoke to him and his parents as requested by the pedestrian. He was very remorseful and his parents confiscated his bike.
“It can be dangerous to cycle on footpaths and pavements, especially in an irresponsible manner where there is a safety risk for people walking along the pavement and also stepping out of their homes. The cyclists also put themselves at risk of being hurt by vehicles reversing out onto the road. It was fortunate that the man did not suffer many injuries.”
Officers on the Glossop Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team are carrying out regular patrols and advising cyclists of the dangers. People found riding their bike on the pavement could also face an on the spot fine of £30.
To contact the Glossop Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team call 101, the non emergency number for Derbyshire police, or email glossop.neighbourhoods@derbyshire.pnn.police.uk.

Written by Martin


  • Jacy

    How ridiculous what about the dangers to cyclists on the highly congested narrow roads. With the numerous lorries squeezing down streets built before cars existed cyclists are forced onto the pavement in order to stay safe. Deal with the stupid traffic problems then deal with cyclists. Ridiculous once again the true nature of the problem is ignored.