27th Apr 2012

New bin for householders

brown recycling bin

The Borough Council will deliver a new, brown wheeled bin to all households over a six-week period starting on Monday, May 21 ready for the collection service which starts in the first week of July.

The new bin will be used for:

Plastics – including bottles, tubs and trays
Food tins and drinks cans
Empty aerosols
Newspapers and magazines
Cardboard packaging and boxes.

The expanded service, operated by contractors Veolia Environmental Services, will mean that around half of all households will see a change to the day or week during which their bins are emptied. But a leaflet spelling out the changes will be delivered to all properties alongside the new bin.

“The new, improved service is great news for keen recyclers who will no longer have to put up with the inconvenience and fuel costs of taking plastics to the neighbourhood recycling centres. The change will also see the end of the blue bags, with just the red bag for clothing being retained as part of the new service.

The new brown bin will work alongside the green-lidded bin for garden waste and food scraps, the black bin for residual rubbish, and the green kerbside box – which will be used for glass only from Monday, July 2.

Written by Martin


  • Kim2207

    Dear god, where are we supposed to store all these bins.  And what is left to put in the black bin?  

  • Dustybin

    And the council wonder why fly tipping is still an issue, barmy!!!

  • jojo

    I’m a keen recycler but refuse to keep my green bin in my garden it is useless to me, as I can’t put anything in it anymore, I have two compost bins and was grateful for the cardboard collection bin, but as they wont take it that way anymore ,I don’t see the point of having the bin in my garden so it stays outside the gate, they keep putting it back and I keep putting it out, the council should take it back, but I am told that if ever I wish to sell my house and the bin (I never requested) is not there I will be charged for it.