15th Dec 2011

Festive Rubbish Collections and Top Waste Tips


HIGH Peak households whose waste and recycling collections are affected by the Christmas holidays will have to wait no longer than two extra days to have their bins emptied.

Collections due on Monday, December 26 (Boxing Day) will take place the following day (December 27) or on Wednesday, December 28 while rounds scheduled for Monday, January 2 will happen just 24 hours later on Tuesday, January 3. The affected households will be advised by a sticker to be placed on their bins over the next few days.

The good news was announced this week by the Borough Council, which has recently delivered information to all households regarding the change to the way cardboard is collected.

Anthony McKeown, executive councillor for community services, urged households to keep on recycling over the festive period.

“As this is one of the most wasteful times of year, we’re calling on families to heed our seasonal recycling and composting tips to help High Peak stay green, even if there is a white Christmas!”

Flattened and folded cardboard packaging should now go in the blue bag alongside Christmas cards, while vegetable peelings, cooked and uncooked food waste and all manner of festive garden foliage should go in the green-lidded bin.

Meanwhile, seasonal throwaways including beer cans, wine and champagne bottles, biscuit and chocolate tins and even aluminium foil should go in the green kerbside box.

Following changes to the way the council collects cardboard, residents should not put cardboard in the green-lidded bin as this will prevent it being emptied. Instead, cardboard should now be placed inside the blue bag alongside paper.

It is recommended, however, that boxes larger than a crisp box are placed in any of the council’s paper banks on 27 recycling sites across the borough or taken to the household waste and recycling centres at Waterswallows, Buxton; or Melandra, Glossop.

Once the decorations are down, residents have between Tuesday, January 3 and Friday, February 3 to put real Christmas trees up to 6ft tall by their green-lidded bin or take them to the household waste and recycling centres at Buxton or Glossop.

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  • BluTak

    Blue BAGS not blue bins !!!

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  • http://www.platinumremovals.com.au/ MarcioWilges

    I read somewhere that over Christmas and Thanksgiving, there is actually more wastage and rubbish than any other time in the year. Makes you think doesn’t it.