18th May 2011

M&S comes to Glossop

M&S Simply Food is the latest big name to commit to Glossop as part of the Howard Town Mill redveleopment.

They join Travelodge and Wetherspooons, who have already confirmed their place.

Peveril Securities, Real Estate Development Partnerships and RED Property Services are carrying out the redevlopment of the 140,000 sq ft mixed-use scheme at the Mill.

It will occupy a 20,000 sq ft unit, joining a 63-bedroom Travelodge, Wetherspoons and Dominos Pizza.

James Ridings of Real Estate Development Partnerships said: “This letting represents a huge leap forward for the scheme in terms of delivering a quality retail line up and also reinforcing and improving the retail profile of Glossop. We are very pleased with the key anchor lettings we have secured.”

Planning permission has been secured for the hotel and two “changes of use” – for a coffee shop and a high street fashion retailer. Further occupier-led amendments to the approved scheme will be considered.

The scheme’s 49 apartments have been sold. Having stalled once, construction is due to restart onsite in early June with a completion of the whole scheme expected by April 2012.

Written by Martin


  • Gill2g

    Just what we need.. another cloned shop to make our high street identical to every other in Britain!   At least it’s a marginal step up from Subway and Costa I suppose..

  • Youth of glossop

    My guess is that Domino’s will be shut in under 5 years, fancy bringing another pizza shop to glossop! we already have like 10! People have their favourites and dont welcome change! i personally wont be going to dominos or M&S, nor will i be going to any other the other shops. They should be bringing some new stores for the youth of glossop! there is no clothes stores for youths for miles around. and you wonder why the younger population HATE Glossop!

  • http://www.diamantesrus.com/ DiamantesRUS

    I agree with you YOUTH, We ourselves have a strong opinion when it comes to shops in glossop and its surrounding area’s. The shops that do open are closed within a year as they are not the right shops for the town.We want to see local people offering what the local people want, If the right products are offered, the business is going to do well.

  • guest

    all these extra reasons to go to glossop, but will there be an increase in road size?  probably not, meaning that the ridiculous traffic situation will only get worse – it is bad enough that tesco and the wren nest development was allowed to proceed without an increase in road capacity which now means that the lower part of high-st west is constantly blocked during daylight hours.  the fact that the council told KFC not to put a big sign up and they did anyway – without consequences – shows where the power lies.

  • Glossop resident

    Keep reading about M & S Simply Food opening with the creation of 50 new jobs but can’t get any information on how to apply – Job Centre Plus have no idea what’s going on (no change there then!)

  • Talkingheads

    I welcome M&S so I don’t have to endure the dreaded Tesco domination that seems to have sweeped the whole area. Tesco Glossop is a putrid place and I won’t be shopping there once M&S opens its doors! At least we’ll have decent quality food and a more enjoyable experience in buying our food and their prices can compete well with the likes of Tesco. Bring it on!!

  • Old Glossop born & bred.

    Love the development at Howard Town Mill, just a pity no-one improved the road structure. Glossop is the poor relation of Buxton and always will be sadly.

  • Mike_osullivan