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Glossop film to take part in international film festival

Monday, September 14th, 2015

A Glossop film has been chosen to take part in an international film festival, called Oska Bright.  Although the film is independent and had a low budget, it has taken the world by storm, having already reached number one! Twice! On IndieBoogie (an international film platform) The top spot was won by gaining the most views.

The film is unique in the fact that it has been made by Life you choose an arts and multimedia group for people with learning difficulties. The members worked on creating the storyline, operating cameras and equipment, and also acting in the film.  Life you choose is over the moon to have received such recognition.  The Return is a psychological thriller, set in and around Glossopdale, the film follows a film crew who come to Glossop to make a documentary, on their arrival they discover that there is something strange about this sleepy little town… are there ghosts? parallel dimensions? or is it all a hoax?  The films psychological angle draws you in, whilst building the suspense, and feeding you information to keep your mind racing and questioning what is going on.

Glossop High Street Video taken 1900s

Friday, March 18th, 2011