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Festive Rubbish Collections and Top Waste Tips

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

HIGH Peak households whose waste and recycling collections are affected by the Christmas holidays will have to wait no longer than two extra days to have their bins emptied.

Collections due on Monday, December 26 (Boxing Day) will take place the following day (December 27) or on Wednesday, December 28 while rounds scheduled for Monday, January 2 will happen just 24 hours later on Tuesday, January 3. The affected households will be advised by a sticker to be placed on their bins over the next few days.

The good news was announced this week by the Borough Council, which has recently delivered information to all households regarding the change to the way cardboard is collected.

Anthony McKeown, executive councillor for community services, urged households to keep on recycling over the festive period.

“As this is one of the most wasteful times of year, we’re calling on families to heed our seasonal recycling and composting tips to help High Peak stay green, even if there is a white Christmas!”

Flattened and folded cardboard packaging should now go in the blue bag alongside Christmas cards, while vegetable peelings, cooked and uncooked food waste and all manner of festive garden foliage should go in the green-lidded bin.

Meanwhile, seasonal throwaways including beer cans, wine and champagne bottles, biscuit and chocolate tins and even aluminium foil should go in the green kerbside box.

Following changes to the way the council collects cardboard, residents should not put cardboard in the green-lidded bin as this will prevent it being emptied. Instead, cardboard should now be placed inside the blue bag alongside paper.

It is recommended, however, that boxes larger than a crisp box are placed in any of the council’s paper banks on 27 recycling sites across the borough or taken to the household waste and recycling centres at Waterswallows, Buxton; or Melandra, Glossop.

Once the decorations are down, residents have between Tuesday, January 3 and Friday, February 3 to put real Christmas trees up to 6ft tall by their green-lidded bin or take them to the household waste and recycling centres at Buxton or Glossop.

Glossop Cartons spread a little festive cheer

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

Press Release: 14th December 2011

Glossop Cartons have made a donation to their local school, Padfield Community Primary School just in time for Christmas.

The school was chosen as part of Glossop Cartons community support programme.

Head teacher, Anne Harper explained

“We have had a library extension built this year and we intend to use most of the money on resources for the library including maintaining the library computer system and books. We are going to use the rest of the money to pay for the food and drinks for the children’s Christmas parties”.

Anne went on to say “Glossop Cartons regularly provide card to school which we use for making props for the Nativity and party hats”

Vicky Every from Glossop Cartons said. “We are delighted to support the school and to be able to provide books for the children to enjoy. I’m also pleased that our cardboard is being “recycled” for the enjoyment of the children”

Established in 1982 and based in Padfield, Glossop Cartons is now one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of carton board packaging products for blue-chip organisations across the UK. Producing quality litho printed cartons, wallets, blister cards, skin pack cards and packaging, the family owned and run firm employs around 50 people locally.

Blue Bags, Blue Bags, Get Your Blue Bags…

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

Glossop households have been given a choice of locations from which to collect extra blue bags for their recycling of cardboard.

The Borough Council has teamed up with partners including DC Leisure, Derbyshire County Council and High Peak Community Housing to for families to claim two additional bags for their cardboard.

The pick-up points were established in response to what appears to be a big increase in the amount of cardboard put out for recycling since October, when the borough council asked residents to start putting cardboard in the blue bag instead of the green-lidded bin.

During the first few days after the cardboard shakeup, council waste contractor Veolia was distributing new bags to households. However, the process was proving uneconomical. Consequently, it was decided to establish the community pick-up points.

Nevertheless, householders unable to visit the locations because of disability or other mobility issues can still request delivery by calling customer services on 0845 129 7777.

The pick-up points are as follows:

  • High Peak Community Housing, Gamesley Neighbourhood Office, Winster Mews, Glossop
  • Glossop Leisure Centre
  • Glossop Swimming Pool
  • Glossop Municipal Buildings
  • Glossop Library
  • Gamesley Library

Glossop Old Band welcomes back Lt Col Graham Jones

Monday, December 5th, 2011

Glossop old band welcome back former member and Glossopdale old boy, Lt Col Graham Jones to conduct their Christmas Concert later this month.

Lt. Colonel Graham Jones is the Senior Director of Music of the Household Division and Director of Music to the Coldstream Guards,

Graham Jones’ early interest in music was encouraged while a pupil of Glossopdale College and he furthered this interest as a member of Glossop Old Band during this period.

He began his military career studying the harp whilst serving as a musician with the Royal Artillery Band.   In 1981 he was selected to become a Bandmaster and attended the Royal Military School of Music, Kneller Hall for three years during which time he was rewarded with prizes for composition and orchestration.  He rose through the ranks conducting a variety of Army bands and received a Master of Music degree from Reading University and gained his Doctorate of Music Arts (DMA) at the University of Salford in the summer of 2006. Among the more recent highlights was the wedding early this year of HRH Prince William to Miss Kathrine Middleton (now Duchess of Cambridge) when he Directed the Massed Bands of the Household Division outside Westmister Abbey.

The success of Glossop Old Band in securing the services of such an eminent conductor is seen as a great opportunity for any former playing members of the band to come along to the bandroom on the 18th December, not only to meet with Lt. Colonel Jones MBE, but to listen to the Glossop Old Band and maybe even to play a part in the concert.

One of the traditions of the Christmas concerts is for ‘guest’ players to come along to have blow and this year we would love to welcome former players to sit in with the band during the 2nd half of the concert.  To make sure we have enough chairs and music is would help if you could contact and let us know what instrument you play.
Christmas Concert Bandroom 8pm

£5 entry with under 16′s free.  Doors open 7.15pm

Tickets available from Roy Green Butchers, High Street, Glossop from 5th November, or Glossop Bandroom on Tuesday evenings or available at any of the band’s concerts.




Monday, December 5th, 2011

High Peak Borough have responded to mounting critiscm over the late night parking enforcement on High Street West in Glossop last Saturday night.

Accused of being mean spirited in the lead up to Christmas the council was asked if the enforcement was being carried out in response to complaints from anyone locally. A council spokesman responded “The enforcement officers were deployed in Glossop during the evening in response to specific complaints about irresponsible parking in the town centre to ensure that motorists were complying with the relevant on and off-street parking regulations.

“Penalty charge notices (PCNs) are issued only when parking contraventions are taking place and the enforcement officers, where applicable, do undertake a period of observation before issuing a PCN.

The purpose of parking enforcement is to eradicate irresponsible and dangerous parking to ensure the safety of pedestrians and motorists alike by increasing traffic flow, while supporting the retail economy by achieving a turnover of town centre parking availability. Our enforcement officers do not work to targets”.

Asked why the civil enforcement officers appeared to be escorted by a police officer the spokesman responded.

“The enforcement officers were accompanied by Police officers in a partnership approach to eliminate the parking issues”.

Critics may say this approach seems a little heavy handed, particularly so close to Christmas. The only people likely to be parking on the High Street at the time of night were those using local businesses. The suggestionthat the Police and the council are now taking a partnership approach to parking issues seems at odds with Police comments to the local press and at the local area forums stating that they will not get involved in local parking enforcement.


Saturday, December 3rd, 2011

Civil Enforcement Officers (CEO’s) working on behalf of the Council have been targeting cars parked outside takeaways and restaurants on High Street West in Glossop tonight (Saturday 3rd December).

At 8.30pm,  two CEO’s followed by a WPC from Derbyshire Police, were seen taking photos  and seemingly checking tax discs of cars parked along the High Street.  Some cars appeared to have tickets on then. As parking control has been outsourced to a private company it is unclear why the enforcement officers had a police escort.

During the day parking is allowed on this section of High Street West for up to 40 minutes. The road reverts to single yellow line restrictions at 6pm.

High Street West has been the subject of controversy previously after a taxi rank was created that taxi drivers claimed they didn’t want.

Residents may question why enforcement was deemed necessary on a rainy Saturday night in an area that is not renowned for parking issues. They may also question why a policewoman was required to walk with the officers. Police relinquished control of parking more than two years ago, something they are keen to remind you if you try and report parking issues to them

While the council might claim it is a restricted parking area, diners supporting the the newly opened La Bodega restaurant may feel a little aggrieved to find tickets on their return and ask whether is simply a money generating exercise by the local authority.

No-one was available at Derbyshire Council or Derbyshire police at the time of writing.